Modern Day Pirates

by Todd Donnelly & Mr. Myers Band

Released 2015
M & M Records
Released 2015
M & M Records
Todd Donnelly is a singer/songwriter whose music is mainly Caribbean. He plays steel drums, percussion, drums and keyboards. His band Mr. Myers has been playing for over 35 years and Todd has many recordings featuring both band and solo projects.
Todd Donnelly is a singer/songwriter that plays steel pans and percussion. He is also the leader and founder of the band Mr. Myers, which has been playing for over 35 years. He performs as a solo artist and with Mr. Myers throughout the Midwest, with occasional adventures in other exotic locales such as Las Vegas and the Caribbean.
Todd has recorded many projects, including releases with Mr. Myers as well as several solo ventures.
In 2001, Todd released an album entitled "Warm Weather Music" which was an acoustic album geared more towards children.
In 2010, he recorded a beautiful instrumental recording called "Healing Steel Drums Volume One" that features layers of steel drum patterns with relaxing surf sounds. This album is truly revolutionary in its approach and unique sound.
In 2015 Todd has just released a new single called "Modern Day Pirates", which is a fun look into the lives of many real life pirates that he has encountered over the years. This song is a new direction for Todd as it features violin, which gives the song a sea shanty feel.

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